Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Good article on the 'death' of British Christianity

This is a good read:

The slow, whiny death of British Christianity

Now that only six percent of British people regularly attend a religious service, it's only natural that we should dismantle the massive amounts of tax money and state power that are automatically given to the religious to wield over the rest of us.

Couldn't agree more with that, it really is time to make some changes regarding religion if only to save that money. We're all going to suffer from Govt cuts soon. Lots about faith schools in that piece also, which I've always been dead against. I think next week there is a new Richard Dawkins programme on C4 called 'Age of Reason' which tackles faith schools. Should be good, and he always makes good arguments, but I do wonder if a lot of people switch off when they see his name attached to anything. Reading his latest book 'The Greatest Show On Earth' about the evidence for evolution now and it is a cracker.

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