Friday, 3 June 2011

Skeptical Squares bespoke skeptic t-shirts!

Ok skeptics and skeptic fans, here's an offer for you - how would you like a potentially almost nearly unique* 'Skeptical Squares' t-shirt? Where you can choose nine of your very favourite Skeptic Top Trumps caricatures to be on it? (there are about 72 caricatures in total now.)

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology this dream is now possible. No, it's not magic it's SCIENCE ;)

All you need do is choose the nine skeptics you want from the collection of Skeptic Top Trumps cards which can be found here or here.

Then e-mail me ( with your choices and I will put the shirt design together and upload it to my RedBubble page and e-mail you the link to your very own design. You can then choose size, colour and style of t-shirt (or hoodie if you are a hoodie-wearer) and place your order. The price for a t-shirt will be £16.55 (a round £20 inc UK p&p I think).

(The pic above is my example - the skeptics are (clockwise from top left): Simon Singh, Rebecca Watson, David Colquhoun, Simon Perry, Tracy King, Jon Ronson, Sid Rodrigues, Iszi Lawrence and Crispian Jago in't middle)

*not literally unique or course. Unless only you orders your specific combination. There are 3 bazillion possible combinations. Maybe.

(I would also add - please don't e-mail me to make a design for you if you aren't going to order as it does take a little time to put it together. Ta!)